Cydia – cum adaugi surse noi si un top Best Cydia Sources

Dupa ce ai instalat Cydia (iDevice Jailbreakuit) si nu gasesti toate sursele sau programele pe care le vrei, poti adauga adrese la “Sources” , le poti lua ca un fel de directoare online in care sa caute Cydia.

Pasul 1 : intra in Cydia la sectiunea “Manage” si “Sources”
Pasul 2: sus in coltul din dreapta ai un buton pe care scrie “Edit”, apasa-l
Pasul 3: sus in coltul din stanga ai un Buton pe care scrie “Add”
Pasul 4: scrie in imaginea Pop-up linkul sursei pe care vrei sa o adaugi si apasa butonul : “add Source”

Dupa adaugarea sursei vei avea o sectiune noua in cydia care se numeste : “added by User”

Am copiat mai jos un top cele mai bune surse pentru IOS 6.X

Best Cydia Sources for iOS 6.x Jailbroken iOS Devices:



Repo: BigBoss

BigBoss is one of the largest repos and quite literally the boss of all repos. It comes pre-loaded with Cydia when you jailbreak your iOS device. BigBoss contains some of the most popular themes, tweaks and other settings.

Repo: ModMyi

ModMyi repo is another massive source that comes as a default repo in Cydia. This is one of our most favorite repos as the team behind ModMyi is enormously active. Their forums and social channels are rich in new tweaks compatible with the latest iOS versions. Most of our favorite tweaks are from this repo. Contains themes, tweaks and more stuff.

Repo: Intelliborn
Features: tweaks, the popular IntelliScreenX

The most popular IntelliScreenX comes from this repo. Hold on. This is also the repo where you find MyWi, My3G and IntelliID. Of course, all these are also available on the default repos but it’s good to know the original source, right? And may be when they add new ones, this is where it gets added first.

Features: themes, apps, tweaks, ringtones

Insanelyi is fast becoming the next hottest repo on the planet. Over 7000 tweaks and themes and stuff occupy this repo. For those in the jailbreak community, Insanelyi has almost become a default place to hangout.

Repo: BiteYourApple
Features: themes, ringtones, mods, tweaks

BiteYourApple is a beautiful repo containing several interesting tweaks and themes. The repo is also a source for a ton of ringtones and other mods that are usually ornamental.

Repo: iSpazio
Features: tweaks, ringtones and more

I’m not sure because this time when I added iSpazio repo, Cydia didn’t shoot any warning about piracy and stuff. So I am guessing that iSpazio is now a clean repo with a ton of tweaks. I saw a lot of mods and ringtones too on this repo.

Repo: Theme It App
Features: themes, tweaks, icons

The default source for the ThemeIt tweak for iPhone and iPad. It’s not for everybody but for those that want to get their hands dirty to mod the themes and appearance of their iDevices, this is a cool repo to start with. Has about three default packages.


The guy behind the legendary BrowserChooser and Chrome tweaks! Although most of his popular and legendary tweaks are now available on the default repos, this is still a worthwhile repo to add to Cydia because this dev forks out something new all the time.

Repo: HackYouriPhone
Features: cracked apps, tweaks, mods and utilities.

HackYouriPhone repo triggers a warning in Cydia because it hosts several thousand cracked apps both from the App Store as well as from the Cydia’s default repositories. You also get a bucket load of themes and tweaks from here.

Repo: Sinful iPhone Repo
Features: games, tweaks, unlocks, cracked apps (even cracked Cydia apps)

Currently, the Sinful iPhone repo hosts the most valid AppSync version. Besides this, the repo also hosts a ton of other mods and tweaks that may be interesting. We’re not much a fan of this repo but if you’re hunting down some rarely found tweaks, this is a place to look for.

Repo: Xsellize
Features: ROM packs for emulator games

Xsellize is another of those rogue repos that pirates haunt. It has some cool ROM packs for emulator games besides the usual stuff of cracked apps and other mods.

Repo: iHacks
Features: cracked apps, tweaks and mods

Yet another “rogue” repo that offers a ton of apps, mods and tweaks. The repo also hosts some very popular tweaks that you can add to your apps to increase their functionality.

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend Installous or iFunbox to Install .IPA files because developers put a lot of effort to create apps and what’s a dollar or two to spend on buying these apps? The only way we recommend the usage of Installous or iFunbox is when you are not sure if an app would really be helpful but would want to try it out before buying it.


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