17 August 2012,
Deblocare modemuri internet 3g - ZTE (stick internet)
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Globetrotter 3G Fusion
Globetrotter 3G Fusion Quad Lite
Globetrotter 3G Fusion+ EMEA
Globetrotter 3G+ HSDPA
Globetrotter EDGE
Globetrotter EDGE COMBO
Globetrotter Express 7.2
Globetrotter Express HSUPA (GE0301)
Globetrotter Express ULTRA (GE0302)
Globetrotter Globesurfer ICON
Globetrotter Globesurfer ICON 7.2
Globetrotter GPRS (first generation)
Globetrotter GT MAX 3.6
Globetrotter GT MAX 7.2
Globetrotter GT MAX HSUPA (GX0301)
Globetrotter GT ULTRA (GX0302)
Globetrotter GTM351E module
Globetrotter GTM378 module
Globetrotter GTM380 module
Globetrotter GTM382 module MO40x
Globetrotter HSDPA 7.2 (GT0201,GT0202)
Globetrotter ICON 225
Option iCON 210 (GI0201)
Option iCON 401 (GI0401)
Option iCON 431 (GI0431, T-Mobile 530)
Option iCON 451 (GI0451)
Option iCON 452
Option iCON 461 (GI0461)

Detalii si informatii la telefon: 0762.275.049 – Marius

Deblocare modemuri internet 3g - ZTE (stick internet)
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