Massage types

There are many types of massage, and recently, especially in Bucharest  you can find erotic massage salons. One must be brave to walk into one of these salons, but once you stepped in you will enjoy the pleasures that you will receive in such a place.

Mon Amour is an erotic massage salon in Bucharest where you will experience and you will try special sensations, and where you will relax.

The erotic massage is made by experienced and very attractive masseuses. It is very beneficial for your health plus it serves you to relax and to bring you a good feeling.

Also, the erotic massage is beneficial for the mind, because it is good to be positive, so all of these sensations that we have because of it will maintain our body healthy. If we want we can make a reservation, it is that simple, all we have to do it is call them and make an appointment.


Over time the massage her reinvented itself many times, by discovering new types of massage through different techniques that served only one purpose: to give a state of wellbeing, to fix and support the organism and the human body. We can say that the relaxation massage whose main purpose is relaxing the body and mind gave birth to the erotic massage through technique  modification by improvising new ones, transmitted through generations and taking even further that art of massage.


Another type of massage that comes to our aid is the body care massage, especially for persons with a predominant sedentary life. We know the fact that

sedentariness affects our health and in case we have a desk job where we don’t really have intense physical activity we will surely need a body care massage. Such a massage it is commended weekly and benefits or body regeneration process.


Another type of massage that benefits our health and general well being  is the reflex massage or reflexology. This type pop massage regards persons that suffer from certain body afflictions and do not want to be treated through medicamentation or surgical interventions.


If you seek for erotic massage Bucharest, you will find the best services at Mon Amour.

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